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3 Technology Trends That Can Make Your Loved One's Life Easier


Even if your senior loved one struggles to understand the workings of smartphones or computers, some other modern and simple technologies can make life much easier. Apps, smart watches, and tablets are some of the various easy-to-use tech items that you can choose from. Ebenezer Senior Living has compiled a list of some of the best technology for seniors to help you explore your options.


The basis of this service is providing seniors with a simple, easy-to-use tablet that allows them to play games and easily communicate with family members. GrandPad is a two-part deal. You’ll receive both the tablet itself, which is specifically designed for older adults, and a subscription, which comes with a private family social network. The subscription allows family members to update their loved one’s GrandPad with new contact information, pictures, and more with the tablet’s companion app. The tablet itself uses a charging dock instead of a wire, comes with built-in LTE connectivity for being on the go, and it includes a soft, protective case as well as a durable stylus pen. It’s the perfect introduction to tablet tech for seniors.

Medication Management Apps & Organizers

Even younger people can sometimes struggle to remember to take daily medications or whether or not they’ve taken their pills yet. Electronic medication dispensers like Med-E-Lert or MedQ include separate pill compartments for each day of the week, notification alarms, easy-to-read user interfaces, and even extras like keychains or automatic locks. There are also apps like MediSafe Medication Management and Dosecast, which feature easy-to-understand user interfaces and can connect with loved ones who are notified when the user doesn’t take their medication. There are a wide variety of these products and services out there, so take your time deciding which works best for you and your loved one.


Tile can be likened to Find My Phone, but for everything from keys to wallets. Simply choose which type of Tile works best for you and your loved one – Sticker, Slim, Pro, etc. – and install them on your loved one’s phone, glasses case, keys, or TV remote. If your loved one loses something, you can activate the alarm on your own app to help them find it. If the phone itself is lost, it can be found by double-pressing the Tile logo on any other Tile, like the one on your keys or an extra one set up in a kitchen or living room for this very purpose.

We hope these products were able to show you that not all technology has to be daunting, and that it can actually improve your senior loved one’s quality of life. For more tips and suggestions on senior living and advice for caretakers, visit Ebenezer’s blog.

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