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4 Ways to Help Seniors Spark Creativity


One of the dangerous pitfalls it’s easy to fall victim to when growing older is stagnation. Some seniors may be feeling bored with their lives or simply don’t have an interest in trying new things. At Ebenezer Senior Living, your mental well-being is as important to us as your physical health. We’ve compiled a list of creative projects for seniors to help brighten your days and reinvigorate your mind.

Photo Collaging

Making a photo collage isn’t just fun and engaging – it’s a great way to spark conversations about memorable people you’ve met and places you’ve been throughout your life. You can experiment with making a scrapbook full of themed pages or a poster board to hang on your wall. Make sure you have extra copies of all the photos you decide to use!

Finger Painting

It might sound like a project for children, but finger painting can be a fun and easy way to exercise your creative muscles. You don’t have to worry about dealing with brushes, pencils, or pastels, and finger painting is one of the more forgivable styles or art – perfect for those who are just tapping into their creative skills. For those dealing with arthritis or other health issues that may make fine motor actions challenging, easily squeezable bottles of finger paint can work wonders.

Decorating Flower Pots

What better way to celebrate spring and spark your creativity than by making the indoors match the outdoors? Pick a type of succulent or flower that flourishes in an indoor environment, like the kalanchoe or peace lily. To spruce up your living space even more, you can decorate your new plant’s pot with paint, stick-on decals, or even nail polish.

Join a Book Club

Getting lost in a world of fiction is sure to fire up your creative energy. Whether you’re a fan of horror, mystery, science fiction, or romance, you’re sure to find a group that enjoys your preferred genre. You can even listen to audiobooks with services like Audible if you want to enjoy your story while walking or exercising.

We hope these crafting projects and activity ideas will help stir up some creativity and bring a fun spark to your days. For more ideas and inspiration from Ebenezer Senior Living, visit our blog page.

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