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Best Social Activities for Seniors to Participate in

Best Social Activities for Seniors to Participate in

As people get older and enter an assisted living community, it is more important than ever that they find ways to keep busy and socialize with others. Otherwise, they risk not getting a proper amount of human interaction, which can have very unfortunate physical and mental consequences for someone in an independent living community. 

Luckily, every senior living community that offers a continuum of care  is going to offer a wide variety of activities that its residents can participate in. These activities are designed to get a lot of residents together in one area and have them socialize with one another. But in most cases, many of the residents can easily participate in a wide variety of other activities that are not directly offered by their senior living community. To help a senior that may be feeling lonely or isolated, here are some of the best social activities for seniors to participate in.

Yoga Exercises

When someone thinks of yoga, they often picture a group of people in their 20s or 30s who are doing incredibly flexible poses with one another. While a lot of the people who regularly participate in yoga do look like this, there is also a fairly significant number of elderly individuals who also do yoga. This is because yoga is a fantastic social activity that not only helps older individuals in a mental way but in a physical way as well. 

The benefit of having increased flexibility is something that can’t be overstated in elderly individuals and is what makes them less likely to suffer a fall. It also improves their cardiovascular system, which greatly improves a senior’s quality of life. 

In addition to these great physical benefits, yoga is an opportunity to gather with other like-minded people for about 30 to 60 minutes each time. While there is not a ton of conversation during the actual yoga exercises, people tend to talk with others in their group before and after the yoga class. Plus, the calming effect of yoga enables people to get into a positive state of mind, which encourages better and friendlier interactions with one another.

Leisurely Walks

Walking is by far one of the most popular forms of elderly exercise since it does not require a lot of physical strength or endurance and yet is still a very good way to stay active and help manage a person's weight. It turns out that walking is also a great way for seniors to get out and socialize with one another. 

When someone goes for a walk on their own, they often just admire the views or listen to music. However, if they grab a buddy to go on a walk with, then it is usually a non-stop conversation until the walk is over. This effect is amplified even further when someone is part of a regular walking group, which is a fairly popular thing to find in most senior housing communities. 

So if someone is interested in getting out every day or a few times a week to go on a nice long walk with a few other people, then they can get the opportunity to catch up with their friends and talk about everything from current news to the latest gossip. They also get the benefit of spending time outdoors, which can help to boost their mood and encourage them to socialize even further.

Dancing Classes

Any chance that a person has to improve their skills in any area that interests them, they should definitely take it. One of the many classes that are often available to seniors is dancing classes. The type of dancing will vary from place to place, with some of the most common options including ballroom dancing, line dancing, and jazzercise. No matter what form of dancing it is, it will be a great opportunity for an elderly person to not only get quite a bit of exercise but also be in a very sociable environment. 

When people are with each other dancing, they are usually there to have a good time and share a bunch of laughs with each other. Therefore, striking up a conversation with someone else should be incredibly easy. This is especially true when it comes to things like ballroom dancing since this often involves having a partner, which gives the seniors plenty of time to interact with someone over the course of the hour-long class.

Game Nights

A lot of senior living homes will have a regular game night that they host for the residents. This is the opportunity for the seniors to go into the common rooms and begin playing some board games or card games with the other residents. 

One of the best ways to form a connection with someone is to do something with them where teamwork is required. This forces them to have a lot of conversations with one another, which makes it easier than ever to form new friendships. 

While there might occasionally be a sore loser who takes the game seriously, the vast majority of people who show up to these game nights are just there to have fun. Therefore, even if someone is not very good at a particular game, most people will not mind and will still be more than happy to play with and converse with someone who is not on the same skill level as they are. 

If there is a particular game that someone loves to play, then they may be able to find other people who love that game just as much and join a group that regularly gathers to play it. This is seen quite a bit with games like bridge, crib, or dominos. Therefore, if an elderly person is looking for an opportunity to socialize, then they should check and see if their building has any upcoming game nights they could go to.

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