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Get Involved: 4 Ways for Seniors to Connect With Their Community


As you grow older, it’s important to keep socially active. Whether you live independently or in a senior living community, you can connect with others in all sorts of ways, including volunteering, hobbies, hosting get-togethers, and attending events. At Ebenezer Senior Living, we’ve compiled ways to learn and socialize while giving back to your community.

Start Networking

Trying to figure out where and how to become more social can start with volunteering or attending community events. Some of your local gyms, grocery stores, or restaurants may feature bulletin boards offering information on local organizations, upcoming events, and other opportunities to connect with your community. You can also look for these opportunities online on your town’s website. Your senior living community likely has a similar board listing daily activities and events. Try to narrow down your options based on your daily availability, energy level, and personal interests. Once you get to the first event or get-together, you can easily connect in person with those of similar interests and grow from there.

Get Online & Start Volunteering

Certain sites like AARP and Senior Corps include resources to help you narrow down which community or volunteer activities would be best for you, and they can also help you find these opportunities in your town. If you aren’t quite sure which activities suit you, don’t worry. Pick one or two days a week to try something new and see how you like it. You could also dedicate one day to personal hobbies like a book club or group cooking class, while using another day to volunteer at a service organization.

Create an Events Calendar

After you’ve found an area of interest in your community, you might want to either start your own calendar or see if any of your local organizations have events calendars. If you plan to attend or volunteer at a full-day event, it can be helpful to prepare for it in advance by resting up and hydrating. Not only will you keep your own affairs in order, you can also more easily invite friends or family. Additionally, if you find that you aren’t feeling up to a whole day of involvement or volunteering, you can still attend some events as a spectator and connect with your community in a different way.

Start Your Own Club

Once you’ve got the hang of how your community organizations function, why not start a small book club, movie group, or cooking class of your own? Hang up posters at your local community center or grocery store, and if you live in a senior living community, spread the word through your acquaintances. If you aren’t comfortable inviting people over to your own home, you can arrange to meet at your local library or a restaurant. And thanks to technology like Zoom, you can even host meetings virtually during inclement weather or to include faraway friends.

We hope these suggestions have given you some ideas about how to connect with your community. For more advice on how to connect, stay social, and be active as a senior, visit Ebenezer’s blog or our Life Long Learning page.

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