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Healthiest Foods for Seniors to Eat

Getting older can take a toll on your body. It is important to eat a well-balanced diet made up of nutritious foods. Plus, eating healthy can help prevent age-related disease. Check out our list below for foods that are yummy and good for you as you age.

Salmon Is One of the Healthiest Foods for Seniors

Although any type of fish is beneficial for an older person to include in their regular diet, salmon is the most beneficial. This is because it contains a high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been linked to a decrease in the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Eating salmon at least once a week can be helpful because it delivers the recommended amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. Bake salmon with rosemary and lemon for a delicious and light dinner, or cook it on the grill for a tasty barbecue option.

Add Chia Seeds to Your Diet

Another healthy option is chia seeds. These tiny seeds pack a massive punch of nutrients and can help control blood sugar levels. Even if you aren’t concerned about sugar, monitoring blood sugar levels is something that everyone should do, especially older adults. Luckily, chia seeds contain viscous fiber, which has been shown to slightly reduce a person's blood sugar levels when consumed. Adding chia seeds to delicious smoothies or to oatmeals and yogurts are great ways of introducing this tiny seed into a regular diet.

Almonds Are a Great Snack

Sometimes it can be hard to find hearty and healthy snack options to consume on a regular basis, but one of the best snack choices for seniors is almonds. Almonds don't contain any sugar, making it a wonderful snack option for those on restricted diets. These tasty nuts also hold nutrients that help fortify your eyes and slow down the advancement of cataracts. If a senior knows they are particularly vulnerable to developing cataracts or have already started to develop them, then eating almonds may be able to reduce the rate at which they develop.

Cherries Are a Good Source of Antioxidants

A frequent health issue that many seniors have to deal with is inflammation. In fact, this is the root cause of many health conditions, such as arthritis and general joint pain, which often occur in most elderly individuals. Thankfully, by eating cherries on a regular basis, a person can help reduce the effects of inflammation.

Red cherries contain antioxidants, which are proven to have a positive effect when it comes to healing inflammation within the body. This is another food option that can actually be eaten plain as a snack but can also be easily incorporated into many other meals such as salads.

Spinach Is One of the Best Greens to Add to Your Diet

Spinach is another healthy superfood containing powerful antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin. These particular antioxidants are able to make a person's eyes more durable, meaning they can go much longer in life before needing glasses.

Spinach can be easily devoured as a side dish to any meal, like baked salmon. Or it can be blended up and consumed as a smoothie, partnering it with other antioxidants like cherries and chia seeds.

What a person eats is important in order to maintain their physical and mental health, no matter what age they are. But as someone gets older and moves into an Assisted Living Community, being mindful about diet becomes even more important.

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