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How to Live Well in a Senior Living Studio Apartment

How to Live Well in a Senior Living Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are most often linked to kid-free young adults. But there is another generation who is choosing or struggling to choose whether a studio apartment is right for them. With the senior and active adult population on the rise, it’s time to take a look at how to downsize and live well in a studio apartment.

Benefits of Downsizing

Many seniors are not able to maintain and afford larger units for an extended period of time. Studio senior living apartments are a great option because they are much more affordable and can help extend your private pay finances should you need financial assistance down the road.

The main benefit of studio apartments for seniors is reducing the amount of stuff you’re taking care of. In congregate communities like any Ebenezer facility, there is no yard to maintain and maintenance is handled by us.

More Benefits

Additional benefits include greater access to transportation, more opportunities for socializing, and lower overall housing costs. Plus, more free time to pursue the hobbies, activities, and sports that interest you.

Decreasing Space. Increasing Life.

Having less means you can enjoy a higher quality of life. Our residents love the freedom a small sized apartment has in their life, while they still get to enjoy everything the community offers like incredible food, lovely outdoor spaces, and numerous activities to choose from./p>

What Is Important to You?

That is one of the first questions you’ll hear from us. Usually the answers are safety, quality care, and quality living. Then, after we have the conversation of what’s important and you see the studio apartment, you’ll experience a moment of shock. Yes, it’s small. But think back to the conversation of why your loved one needs a senior community (falls, isolation, not eating right, social opportunities, and needed care), none of those reasons involved having a large one or two bedroom apartment. 

Plus, you’ll have the whole community as your home – that’s more space and more opportunities for living than the home you knew. With less stuff and more time, you or your loved one will appreciate the better quality of life.

Ways to Live Well in a Studio Apartment

  • Pick a color scheme and get some fun art
  • Get creative with shelving
  • Use a decorative divider
  • Get a comfy twin size bed with linen that matches color scheme & feels like home
  • Use curtains to define your space
  • Make use of every corner
  • Wall shelves, wall shelves, wall shelves
  • Double duty furniture (ex: ottoman that doubles as storage)
  • Get the floorplan with dimensions and outline what is necessary to bring with you & what you can pass along to family

Enjoy Every Day

We understand that making the decision to move yourself or a loved one into a senior living community and a studio apartment is hard. That’s why we’re here to help support you, guide you, and let you know that it’s okay.

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