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Two seniors on a pickleball court, holding pickleball paddles and smiling

Lasting Health: 4 Reasons Why Pickleball Makes the Perfect Senior Sport


At Ebenezer, we’ve experienced firsthand how an active lifestyle can help seniors look and feel their best – and there’s plenty of science to back it up. But staying active is easiest when the activity is something you enjoy. That’s part of what makes pickleball such a great option. Not only does it get you moving, it’s also loads of fun! And that’s just the beginning. Read on for four more reasons why pickleball is the perfect sport for seniors.

It’s Easy to Learn

Like tennis, pickleball is played on a court with a net separating the two sides. But instead of a stringed racket and tennis ball, it’s played with a paddle and lightweight plastic ball, and the court is much smaller. These factors make it much easier for players to reach the ball and hit it back. Plus, the rules are simple for anyone to pick up.

It’s Enjoyable for All Skill-Levels

The same qualities that make pickleball easy to learn also make it accessible for players of all levels. Beginners will appreciate not having to learn a lot before getting started, while more advanced players will find the sport can be as intense as they wish. The faster players hit the ball and the more they volley – hit the ball back without letting it bounce – the more speed, skill, and strategy needed to accurately return the ball and score a point.

It’s a Great Workout

Pickleball’s combination of leg, body, and arm movements make it an excellent aerobic workout that causes less stress and strain on muscles and joints than other sports. It’s also good for the brain, challenging you to think quickly and build good hand-eye coordination.

It’s Social!

While it’s similar to a tennis court, a pickleball court is smaller, placing players much closer to both their teammate (if playing doubles) and their opponent. This makes it easier to socialize – whether you’re coordinating your shots, enjoying friendly banter, or razzing the other team.

There are a number of reasons why staying active is great for the senior mind, body, and soul, and pickleball checks all the boxes! This fun and engaging sport is more popular than ever, and many cities have a variety of ways to get involved, from senior centers to fitness clubs. Ebenezer senior living communities encourage residents to continue learning and be as active as they want, providing easy access to a community of peers who share your passions. To learn more about our communities and lifestyle choices, visit our Senior Living Options page.

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