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Making a Difference Every Day


Ebenezer is extremely grateful for the many nurses who work in our communities. We are happy to recognize and honor their contributions, their knowledge, and their dedication to making a difference every day.  


While our nurses have diverse backgrounds and many have taken different paths to arrive at Ebenezer, they have one thing in common—the exceptional care they provide to Ebenezer residents. This week, as we celebrate Nurses Week 2024, we are turning a spotlight on a few of our many special nurses.  


Kirsten, RN (Registered Nurse) 
Regional Assisted Living Health Service Specialist 
Ebenezer Corporate 

An Ebenezer employee for more than 17 years, Kirsten began her career at Ebenezer Ridges Campus when she was 17. Although she started out as a nurse’s aide, Kirsten was encouraged by the Ridges leadership to become an LPN and eventually an RN. 

Ebenezer Support 
Ebenezer provided scholarships that helped Kirsten to become an LPN. Leadership at Ebenezer Ridges allowed Kirsten to have the flexible scheduling she needed to successfully attend classes and study while she completed her LPN as well as her RN. 

Career Opportunities 
After several years with Ebenezer Ridges Campus, Kirsten joined Riley Crossing as a support RN and then DHS. Recently, Kirsten joined Ebenezer Corporate as a Regional Assisted Living Health Service Specialist. 

Favorite or Most Rewarding Part of the Job
Meeting new staff and residents and hearing their stories. Having her children attend Ebenezer Ridges Childcare. 

How Kirsten Makes a Difference Every Day
Using her knowledge and experience to relate to the residents. 

Fun Fact  
Ashley Jackson, Executive Director at Amira Choice Lexington, began her career as a nurse’s aide with Kirsten.  


Lili, LPN 
Ebenezer Integrated Care & Rehab 

Lili has worked at Ebenezer for more than 11 years. She began her career as a nursing assistant intern at Ebenezer Care Center in Minneapolis and became an LPN in 2017. 

Ebenezer Support 
Lili is grateful for the training and support she received from Ebenezer, along with the flexible scheduling that allowed her to complete her LPN course. She also received financial aid to cover the costs of classes.  

Career Opportunities 

Lili was offered a position at the Ebenezer Integrated Care & Rehab (EICR) in St. Paul, and she is happy to continue her career with Ebenezer. 

Favorite or Most Rewarding Part of the Job 

She is always happy to help and enjoys working with her clients and their families. Helping people to get better so they can return home makes Lili happy.  

How Lili Makes a Difference Every Day 

“I make difference by trying to know everyone I interact with—coworker or resident. I try to work as team, assist as needed, and I always reach out to the management when I see something unusual or something we can do for the workplace improvement.” 


Denise, RN 
Director of Health Services 
Vernon Terrace 

Denise was recruited to join the Ebenezer team and is now in her thirteenth year of employment. With a background working in a clinic setting as well as working for home care companies, Denise has an impressive list of accomplishments. 

Ebenezer Support 

As a float nurse with Ebenezer, Denise learned to appreciate the consistency and excellence of the Ebenezer system where everything is done the same way in each location.  

Career Opportunities 

Denise is now serving as the Director of Health Services at Vernon Terrace

Favorite or Most Rewarding Part of the Job 

“No day is like the day before. I love getting to know the residents.” 

How Denise Makes a Difference Every Day 

Being open to staff and residents and going above and beyond for whoever needs you.  


Beth, RN, BSN, LALD 
Director of Health Services 
The Sanctuary at St. Cloud 

With more than 10 years of experience as a nurse in long term care, home care and hospice, and assisted living, Beth was used to getting calls from recruiters. She was not surprised when a recruiter called to set up an interview for her at the Sanctuary at St. Cloud. What surprised her was how much she immediately felt like she was part of the team. Their camaraderie and friendliness made her feel like The Sanctuary at St. Cloud would be a great place to work.  

Ebenezer Support 

Beth has been at The Sanctuary at St. Cloud for a year and a half. She appreciates the support she receives from her team and the way they work together to meet challenges. 

Favorite or Most Rewarding Part of the Job 

“Being able to provide excellent care to residents and to see how your care has impacted and improved their lives.” She also appreciates the consistency of care that residents receive.  

How Beth Makes a Difference Every Day 

Getting to know the residents on a personal level. She also looks for opportunities to build a rapport with everyone.


Julie, BSN, RN 
Director of Health Services 
Orchards of Minnetonka 

A relative newcomer to Ebenezer, Julie has been at Orchards of Minnetonka for five months. Julie has been a registered nurse for 22 years and has experience as a nursing manager. She came to Ebenezer as the assistant Director of Health Services and is now the Director of Health Services at Orchards of Minnetonka.  

Ebenezer Support 
Julie is impressed with the training and career support she’s received from Ebenezer leadership and the autonomy she has to make decisions. 

Career Opportunities 
Ebenezer’s policy to promote from within played a role in her moving from assistant director of Health Services to Director of Health Services. 

Favorite or Most Rewarding Part of the Job 

Using her skills to enhance patient outcomes and seeing the smiles on the residents’ faces and knowing she has made a meaningful difference in their lives. 

How Julie Makes a Difference Every Day 
“Being available to use my professional experience and knowledge to ensure we are functioning to the highest standards of care and keeping communication open between the team, the residents and their families.” 


Angie, RN 
Director of Health Services 
Amira Choice Roseville  

Since May 2012, Angie has worked at Ebenezer. She began her career with Ebenezer as a care attendant. Soon after, she realized she wanted to become an LPN. Ebenezer team leaders recognized Angie’s potential and supported her in the quest to achieve her goals. Angie went on to become a registered nurse and is now Director of Health Services at Amira Choice Roseville. 

Ebenezer Support 

Angie credits her supervisor, Pam Jacobson, RN, for inspiring her along her career path. Pam not only served as a role model for Angie, but she also provided Angie with the support and flexible scheduling she needed to complete her training. 

Career Opportunities 

From care attendant to float nurse to Director of Health Services, Angie was able to make the most of the opportunities and support Ebenezer provided.  

Favorite or Most Rewarding Part of the Job 

“I like that I am able to support residents in different ways through their journey not only in moving here, but through their end of life. It is a gift. I also like that I can provide support to our staff.” 

How Angie Makes a Difference Every Day 

Always saying hello to everyone with a smile, acknowledging them and checking in on them to see how they are doing.  

Ebenezer is proud of the amazing nurses on our team, and we wish we could feature every one of them! As we celebrate Nurse’s Week, we thank all nurses for their compassion and dedication in every health care setting. Thank you for all you do and for making a difference every day! 

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