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Play & Connect With 5 Intergenerational Activities That Are Fun for Everyone


At Ebenezer, we believe intergenerational learning benefits everyone, and we’re proud to include Intergenerational Connections as one of our cornerstones. If you’re looking for ways to foster connections between the seniors and the young people in your life, try one of these five intergenerational activities at home. You’ll see learning – and smiles – all around.

Color or Craft Together

By bringing together people from different life experiences, intergenerational learning opens up new points of connection, creates new memories, and builds life-enhancing relationships. To encourage that mutually beneficial growth, try working together on a coloring book or a craft project. Collaborating on something creative requires communication and opens up natural sharing opportunities for everyone. Plus, you’ll create a memorable keepsake from your time together.

Play Child-Led Technology Games

In today’s world, children grow up around technology their grandparents couldn’t have imagined, and they have a comfort with app games most seniors simply don’t. Encourage the young people in your life to share their love for tablet and smartphone games with a senior. The child-led teaching will encourage everyone to keep learning and enjoying life together.

Build a Family Tree

Intergenerational learning helps to socialize children and to increase their respect for seniors as they learn from a different perspective. Try starting a genealogy project and encourage everyone to work together on building it. Looking back at ancestry opens up opportunities for seniors and children to learn mutual respect, and it allows seniors to share from their meaningful life experience.

Read Picture Books

The openness of a child’s imagination has plenty to teach all of us – and for seniors, the joy they see in children through intergenerational learning means an enhanced quality of life. Connect the seniors and children in your life with picture books that allow for open-ended storytelling and encourage creativity. Taking turns sharing what you see and crafting a story together is a beautiful way to learn from how another person views the world.

Start a Board Game Night

Like any friendship, intergenerational relationships thrive with fun shared experiences. Find a board game that’s appropriate for the youngest and oldest person in the house and make a tradition of playing games together. You’ll encourage skill development and lifelong learning, and best of all, you’ll spread love and joy as you laugh together.

Take a look at our Programs & Services page to learn more about Intergenerational Connections at Ebenezer, and make sure to visit our blog for more fun ideas and activities to help you keep building those connections.

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