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Price transparency

Price transparency

When it’s time to consider moving you or your loved one into a senior living community, money is a big consideration. At Ebenezer, we're committed to being completely transparent and straightforward about our pricing. For us, it's a matter of integrity. Here’s how we look at price transparency at our Ebenezer communities.

Some Pricing Plans Aren’t Meant to Serve You

You won't find straightforward pricing in all senior living communities. Some communities use a complicated system of points that's difficult to track and manage. Residents pay for a certain number of points, and then they need to buy more points if they need additional care. Sometimes the points don't roll over from one pay period to the next, and that means wasted money.

Another popular price structure is a blanket tiered system. Residents pay one price for the first tier of services, more for the second, more for the third, and so on. The tiers are supposedly based on services, but often residents aren't quite sure what they're getting in exchange for what they're paying. Will one extra service per month move your pricing into the next tier? Will you really use all of the services you're paying for?

Transparent Pricing is a Better Alternative

Deceptive and murky pricing structures add up to confusion and additional expense – two things seniors and their loved ones don't need. That's why, at Ebenezer, we are completely transparent about our pricing. We provide a price sheet that outlines all of the different types of care and services our residents can receive, next to the exact monthly price of those services. We include everything: assistance with bathing and dressing, transfers and mobility assistance, escorts, dining service assistance, personal hygiene, medication services, nurse visits, safety checks, and more. If it’s a service we offer, it's covered on the list. That means you'll know exactly what your services cost each month. There are no surprises, hidden costs, or unexplained fees.

Person-Centered Care

Our pricing structure is about being transparent and clear so our residents know exactly what they're paying for, to be sure. But it's also part of our larger mission – and that is to provide care tailored to the individual needs of our residents. Since all of our services are a la carte, you pick and choose only the services you want and need, rather than paying for a group of services that may not provide the best personalized care.

Flexible, Adaptable & Catered to You

Another great benefit of our a la carte pricing is the ability to add or subtract services as your needs or your loved one's needs change. We don’t want you paying for services you don’t need, and believe it or not, we find that people subtract services as often as others add them. Our residents get stronger and more mobile with physical therapy, their mood elevates because of the socialization we offer, and their bodies are healthier because of the three square meals they're enjoying. If you no longer need a service, we make it easy to adjust care and cost accordingly.

At Ebenezer, we're committed to providing our residents transparent price information. You deserve to know what you're paying for.

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