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What Does Mission-Based Mean?

What Does Mission-Based Mean?

What does mission-based mean? Most, if not all, organizations have mission statements. But what do mission statements really do, beyond look good on a plaque hanging on the wall in the lobby? The truth is, for some organizations, mission statements are just that, nice words to live by, lofty statements that describe an ideal, rather than a reality.

The Meaning of Mission Based

At Ebenezer, we are "mission based." We use that term in our literature, on our website, and in the communications we have with people all across the communities we serve. It means we walk our talk. We take that mission statement off the proverbial plaque on the lobby wall and infuse it into everything we do. It's our foundation on which we build everything. It means that the programs we offer, the initiatives we have, and culture we create is always in alignment with a part of our mission.

How We Put Our Mission Into Action

Mission Breakfast. This has become one of our favorite traditions at Ebenezer. It's a powerful way to connect as a staff and realign ourselves with what Ebenezer is all about. For the past few years even, we've begun a Mission Breakfast where leaders across Ebenezer get together to ground ourselves in our mission. We hear from current residents, past residents, their loved ones, partners we work with, and dedicated team members to make sure that we are doing what we say we should be doing. 

It's a reality check on whether we're walking our talk. We also recognize the diverse individuals we serve in our communities from a faith, financial, ethnicity, and race standpoint. We end in prayer and bless the staff, seniors, and communities we serve, because we believe in our mission.

We're Not Afraid of Our Values 

Ebenezer has been serving the senior community for more than 100 years. We were founded by Minneapolis Lutherans to provide community-centered care in 1917. Building on that strong foundation, we have developed a very positive reputation in Minnesota and surrounding communities. Today, we serve people of all faiths and creeds, and lift up our values ahead of what the popular thing to do is in the industry.

To us, it's not ALL about the bottom line. We're mission driven. The truth is, if you live out your mission, your bottom line tends to follow. That's why we don't push sales ahead of relationships, advocacy, and helping people find the best options to meet their needs. We understand that the value of trust and integrity go a long way toward helping those we serve realize their goals.

We Hire Based on Mission

In order for any organization to be mission-driven, you must hire with mission in mind. You can train people to do almost any job. You can't train them to have integrity, honesty, respect, dedication, and a passion to help seniors live longer, healthier, more meaningful lives. We hire people who believe in our mission.

We're Transparent & Honest 

With Ebenezer, you get what you see, what you hear about us, and what we say we're going to do. We don't cut corners with the communities we build. We don't over-offer and under-deliver. We won't hide costs or lie about the level of care we think your loved one needs. We won't do those things because we believe in our mission.

Ebenezer Values Relationships

At Ebenezer, it's all about staying true to our mission to help you and your loved ones live longer, healthier, and meaningful lives. You can count on it.

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