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What to bring for your parents move to memory care

What to bring for your parents move to memory care

During your parent’s move into one of our communities, our dedicated staff will assist you in determining if any item should be stored elsewhere for safety. We want them to have a successful move into our community and to be safe as well. Here are a few things to remember while packing as well as what to bring and what not to bring on the move to memory care.

Preparing to Pack for Moving Your Parents to Memory Care

As you begin to pack for your parent’s move to Memory Care, remember to try and make it feel as much like the home they are coming from, as possible. Avoiding clutter and downsizing a bit will help keep their rooms cleaner and less stressful. Having too many items in a smaller space will be overwhelming and can cause anxiety. They will spend some time in their rooms, but we do encourage residents to spend a considerable amount of time in the common areas for safety and socialization purposes.

Memory Care Essentials

What to bring:



About 10 outfits (duplicates of favorites)

Easy to put on/takeoff clothing are a great idea (pants with elastic waistbands, shirts that fasten in the front, camisoles instead of bras)

Nonslip footwear (consider Velcro fasteners)

Incontinence products as needed

Clothes hangers

Assistive devices (eyeglasses, canes/walkers, wheelchairs)

TV and DVD player

Music player and favorite CDs




Small sofa or chairs, end tables, and/or nightstand

Bedding (no electric blankets allowed)


Rocking chairs (gliders preferred)

Micellaneous (items which are familiar, comforting, and/or interesting to your loved one)

Costume jewelry (to replace valuable jewelry)

Favorite purse or wallet (a small amount of money if that is important to the person)


Familiar artwork or posters (consider prints instead of original pieces)

Books, magazines


Favorite photos, family photos, albums (copies to ensure originals are not lost)

Stuffed animal or doll

Religious/spiritual items

Cards, large piece puzzle, favorite board game

Activity box of supplies (knitting, crocheting, etc.)

Wall calendar, easy-to-read clock

Visitor’s book


Inexpensive keepsakes or non-breakable knick-knacks

Occupational/physical therapists can help in assessing your loved one’s environment

Check with staff for proper and safe storage of the following items

Toiletries (electric or safety razor, nail clippers, cologne/perfume, lotions, mouthwash)


Hearing aids

Alcohol (check with the staff at the community regarding restrictions)

Medications (prescription and over-the-counter) should be given directly to staff

What Not to Bring

What NOT to bring:



Sharp scissors, any other sharp objects

Electrical appliances such as coffee pot, electric skillet, toaster, crock pot, curling iron, etc.

Straight edge razor

Sewing needles and pins

Poisons (cleaning and household products)

Weapons of any kind (including collector items)

Valuables (including personal funds, jewelry or credit cards)

Jewelry or accessories with sharp points or edges (consider replacing with costume jewelry)

Any tables with sharp edges or glass

Mirrors or other glass items, china or ceramic pieces

Small throw rugs

Open flames (lighters, candles)

We at Ebenezer Senior Living do understand that seniors sometimes have individual needs, abilities, preferences, and passions that may conflict with these general guidelines. We’re happy to discuss these needs and preferences with you to see if exceptions might be possible. Thank you for trusting Ebenezer in caring for your parents. Your confidence in us is the greatest compliment and we will love them as our own family.

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