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5 Reasons Why a Senior Living Cooperative Might Be Right for You


If you’ve been looking around at unique communities for seniors, you might be wondering, “What is cooperative senior living?” Cooperatives are a different way of doing senior living, offering many of the benefits that come with home ownership in addition to a vibrant community and a freeing lifestyle. As a pioneer of senior living cooperatives, Ebenezer is here to help with five reasons why a cooperative might be the ideal choice for you.

You’re looking for a community, not just a place to live.

One of the distinctive features of cooperative living is the powerful bond between member-owners. Joining a cooperative means entering into a community designed to encourage building relationships and enjoying an engaged lifestyle. Neighbors who share your interests often become best friends. Member-owners are also working together for a common purpose, and that collective effort has the effect of drawing people together.

You want a sound investment at a reasonable price.

A common argument for buying a condo, townhome, or single-family home is the opportunity to grow your money in the form of equity. Cooperatives offer a strong investment too, and because costs are shared, member-owners are able to buy in at a reasonable price that’s far less than the market-value price for similar homes.

You like having ownership over your future.

Not only do cooperatives offer ownership in the form of equity, but they also let member-owners direct their own futures. As a member-owned community, a senior living cooperative operates, grows, and thrives under the leadership of its member-owners. Every individual gets a voice and has a chance to contribute their personal talents and gifts.

You want a home with those special personal touches.

Never thought you’d have the chance to design your home? Buying into a cooperative at the early stages allows member-owners to personalize their home design with finishes to suit their style, choosing from standard features and upgrade options, and even submitting special requests for have-to-have-it features.

You’re looking for a lifestyle that lets you explore.

Compared to private home ownership, membership in a cooperative allows for an adventurous lifestyle with more freedom. With no home upkeep to tie them down, member-owners can spend their days the way they want, traveling the world or playing in the community, where shared spaces and community amenities bring the fun home.

If you’re considering cooperative living, take a look at our featured locations and new cooperatives in development at the Ebenezer website. For more articles on engaging adult communities, health and nutrition, and more, visit our Ebenezer blog.

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