Ebenezer's Response to COVID-19

Following the conclusion of the COVID Public Health Emergency in May 2023, Ebenezer will remain committed to ensuring excellent care and infection control for our residents and staff. We have developed a comprehensive plan to protect against COVID and other potential respiratory illnesses. Here is an overview of our strategies:

  1. Infection Control Practices: We will continue to implement and practice stringent infection control measures to maintain a safe environment for everyone.
  2. Vaccinations: We strongly encourage and recommend COVID and other vaccinations for all residents, staff, and visitors, unless contraindicated by a physician.
  3. Transparency: If there are confirmed cases of COVID or other illnesses, we will post notices at the entrances of our communities and buildings to keep everyone informed.
  4. Visitor Policy: Visitors with any respiratory infection, including COVID, will be asked to defer non-urgent in-person visits until they have recovered.
  5. Hand Hygiene: Frequent hand hygiene is strongly encouraged, with alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel being the preferred option in most cases.
  6. Outbreak Definition: We will use the new definition of an outbreak, either one resident or three staff members who shared an exposure within the work setting.
  7. Outbreak Communication: In the event of an outbreak, we will post information at the entrance and other strategic locations, providing guidance on necessary precautions.
  8. Outbreak Masking: Employees or certain groups of employees will be required to wear masks during outbreaks or as determined by weekly checks of Minnesota Department of Health indicators. Visitors and residents will also be encouraged to wear masks in public areas of the community if in outbreak.
  9. Protocol Sharing: We will share protocols with families, residents, and stakeholders at least annually, or more frequently if there is a resurgence in COVID cases or changes in protocols issued by CMS/CDC and approved by the Minnesota Department of Health.
  10. Personal Choice: We support individuals who choose to wear masks based on their personal comfort, risks, and health conditions.
  11. Quarantine Procedures: Suspected or confirmed COVID-positive residents will be quarantined for a period of ten or more days. The total duration of quarantine will depend on the resident's health status, testing results, and improvement of symptoms. During this period, quarantined residents will be encouraged to wear masks when interacting with staff and visitors. All staff and visitors in contact with quarantined residents must wear full personal protective equipment (PPE), including a fit-tested N95 mask for employees, eye protection, gown, and gloves.
  12. Outdoor Visitation: We encourage and welcome outdoor visitation, weather permitting, as it poses the least potential for respiratory droplet transmission.

By implementing these measures, Ebenezer is dedicated to ensuring the ongoing safety and well-being of our residents, staff, and visitors as we move forward from the COVID emergency.


We continue to be committed to protecting the health, quality of life and well-being of our patients and residents. 

For more than 100 years, families have put their trust in Ebenezer. As part of Fairview Health Services, we have the commitment, the resources, and the support of one of Minnesota’s leading health care providers. This relationship differentiates as well as defines us—enabling our communities to be on the very forefront of senior care and living. During these turbulent times, we thank you for your understanding and patience, and for putting your trust in us.

--Your Friends at Ebenezer

Thank You Ebenezer Associates!

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, Ebenezer celebrated our many staff who carry through in our mission to serve our residents and their families every day.

They are our everyday Heroes, they embody a selfless spirit, dedicated to the care of the most vulnerable population. And now, more than ever, we thank you.

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